Understanding the Manager Capabilities Assessment

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What is the MCA?

The MCA is an assessment that will provide you with a clear understanding of which skill sets and behaviors improved over the course of the program and areas of opportunity that you can continue to develop with Hone.

How do I sign up for the MCA?

Individual learners can not sign up for the MCA. Only a partnership admin can decide to implement the MCA for a program.

What happens if I or my nominees do not complete the MCA?

There is no penalty if a learner does not complete the MCA. However, we strongly recommend completing the MCA to gather the best understanding of which skill sets and behaviors improved over the course of the program and areas of opportunity that you can continue to develop. If your nominee does not complete the MCA you can reach out to support@honehq.com to nominate another individual.

How long is the MCA?

The MCA is composed of 25-30* questions split into two parts.

  1. The first part of the assessment measures the impact of the improvements in your capability based on the classes you’ve taken in the past. We use behavior change questioning and reporting to assess impact.
  2. The second part of the assessment is diagnostic; this measures your effectiveness at other capabilities and skills. You can utilize this information to build a plan to improve!


Is the MCA a reflection of my performance at work?

The MCA is intended to support your growth and is NOT a performance evaluation tool.


When will I receive the MCA?

Approximately 28 days after your Hone program ends, you will receive an email to complete the MCA. Once you complete your self-assessment, you will be prompted to nominate at least 3 of your direct reports or colleagues to complete a survey about you.


Who can see my MCA results?

The MCA results are completely anonymous. Your manager and nominees will not get a direct copy of your report. The data available to your manager is anonymous and can not be tracked back to any learner. To learn more visit the Platform Confidentiality page.


How long is the MCA available?

There is no end date to complete the survey. The assessment deadline refers to the date the platform will stop sending automatic email reminders.


When will I receive my assessment results?

Once you and at least two of your nominees have completed the assessment, you will receive an email stating that your assessment report is ready. You can view the report by following the email flow, or by navigating to your Learner Dashboard, and selecting the ‘Reports’ tab in the top left corner.


Can I change my assessment nominees?

You can change or add nominees if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your previous nominee is no longer eligible to take the assessment
  • You have not received two responses from your original nominees

If you meet the conditions and would like to change or add nominees please reach out to support@honehq.com.

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