Ebook: How to Build an Anti-Racist Workplace

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Ebook: How to Build an Anti-Racist Workplace

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How can leaders and organizations address racism and bias?


In this ebook, we share the strategies of diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) experts Dominique Hollins, Alexandria Butler, Lily Zheng, Karen Fleshman, and Jared Karol. These DEIB experts shared their own experiences dealing with racism and their current work to address racism and bias in the workplace. From these examples, we share actionable takeaways every people manager can use to be an ally and advocate for minority voices and career development in the workplace.


As we build deeper awareness about our own blind spots and begin to take responsibility for how we show up as allies, we can impact and empower those around us. The path forward is certainly not linear, and we will all make mistakes. Those who continue to step up to the plate and put their best foot forward with conviction will emerge as the leaders of our modern workplace.


In this ebook, you will gain insights into the following: 

  • Racism in the modern workplace
  • Who in the organization can make an effective change
  • Learn how to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups
  • What it means to be an anti-racist company
  • How hiring managers can build a diverse candidate pipeline

Click on this link for the guide to addressing racism and bias for leaders and organizations.


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