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What is Hone membership?

Great question! Hone membership is the regularly scheduled public classes we offer. These classes are open to all Hone users so learners will join from across regions and corporations.

How do I get Hone membership?

Almost every Hone user has a Hone membership already activated! If you do not, please reach out to support@honehq.com and we will activate your membership.


Where can I see the Hone membership classes?

You can view the Hone membership class catalog here. The available class schedules are updated monthly.


How many Hone membership classes can I take?

Membership classes are unlimited as long as your membership is active! We recommend taking one membership class per month.


Can I reschedule a Hone membership class?

Yes, we understand that life happens and we want to accommodate these sudden changes. You can follow these instructions How to Reschedule Class.


How can I take advantage of my Hone membership?

We are glad you are excited to utilize your Hone membership and resources to further your development. You can reference this article for tips on how to Maximize Hone Membership.


Please reach out to support@honehq.com if you have any questions.

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