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How can I reschedule my class?

Instructions here: How to Reschedule Class.

How can I reschedule a learner’s class?

Instructions here: Reschedule with Membership Class (Admin access only).


Is there a penalty for rescheduling a class?

If you can't attend a class, there is no penalty to reschedule for another date/time that works for you.


How many times can I reschedule a class?

You can reschedule your class as many times as you need if there are available rescheduling options.


What happens if I miss my rescheduled class?

We understand that life happens. There is no penalty for missing your rescheduled class, we recommend you reschedule for another time that better fits your schedule.


Is the Hone coach the same for a rescheduled class?

We can not guarantee your rescheduled class session will be facilitated by the same coach as your original class. All of our Hone coaches are world-class professionals and they have a commitment to providing an impactful learning experience.


What happens if there are no reschedule options available?

You can reschedule within your private program or with a membership class. If none of the options work, the class will appear under your missed tab. This will allow you to reschedule in the future when there is an available date/time that works for you.


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